Turnkey System

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Tunrkey Solutions

Flexible machine configuration with various optional devices.

Turnkey Solutions

  • Work Stocker

    10/12 pallet work stockers available. This can be used as IN-unit, OUT-unit or IN/OUT common-unit.

  • Auto Gauge

    Placed on the side of the machine, this device ensures part quality by gauging specific process dimensions and automatically feeding back this information to the NC for dimensional compensation.

  • Pitch Conveyor

    Workpieces can be stocked on the conveyor. It can be used as an IN/OUT device and contributes to automation of the line.

We offer various other peripheral devices. Please consult us. Inquiry form

MAX Robot System

MAX SP1 Robot Controller

This is the next-generation robot controller.
The control technology and operability have dramatically evolved from the robot controller FCS which is backed by the reliability that comes from the shipment of 5500 units.

Conventional Shortest / Path Fastest Path

Auto routing for fastest path.

Non productive time is reduced approximately 20% by instructing just the target positions. Rapid acceleration /deceleration moves are eliminated

MAX Control Method

Smooth ECO

In addition to faster robot speed, an added benefit is it’s energy saving operation. Electric consumption of the robot can be reduced by up to 35% automatically by the speed of the robot matching the tact time of the line.

Comparative Chart

High Speed 3 Axis Gantry Robot

High Speed 3 Axis Gantry Robot

High speed 3 axis gantry robot reduces non productive times during the loading / unloading cycle. Controlled by the FUJI MAX SP1 controller, high speed robot patterns are ensured.

Swivel Head Robot Chuck

Swivel Head Robot Chuck

Non productive time reduction utilizing the swivel head design.