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Machining Department supports the quality of FUJI brand products by manufacturing main parts of machine tools and electronics assembly equipment. In addition to our products, we also provide contract manufacturing service.

FUJI Processing Technology

Owned Facilities

Machining Department

  • Lathe

    large-scale lathe, combined lathe, automatic lathe,
    general purpose lathe


  • Machining Center

    horizontal, vertical, 5-axis machining center,
    horizontal boring and milling


  • Milling Machine

    vertical milling, horizontal milling, jig milling


  • Five-Face Processing Machine

    five-face processing machine


  • Surface Grinding Machine

    bed grinding, surface grinding machine, vertical grinding machine,
    universal grinding machine, rotary grinding machine


  • Cylindrical Grinding Machine

    external diameter grinding machine,
    CNC horizontal combined grinding machine,


  • Electric Discharge Machine

    wire cut, fine hole electric discharge machine, laser marker


  • Measuring Instrument

    3-D measuring machine, surface roughness measuring instrument,
    non-contact type measuring device, etc.


  • Heat Treatment Equipment

    High Frequency Hardening, Whole Hardening (Full Hardening),
    electric furnace equipment


  • Others

    band‐sawing machine, radial drilling machine,deep hole
    drilling machine,deburring robot, etc.


Machining Example

  • MMC30 Machining

    No problem for M3, M4 Tapping Completion with 9.83 hours after Material supply

  • Photoveel Machining

    No crack when Drill・Endmill is machining thru out.

  • Turning Finishing of Headstock Angle Rest (without grinding)

    Ra:0.5910μm Rz:3.1936μm
    True Roundness: 3.178μm
    Concentricity: 0.997μm
    Cylindricality: 4.288μm

  • Turning Finishing of Non-magnetic Material with Ice Chuck

    No crack caused by chucking

  • Grinding Finishing of Slide Surface

    Completion for 17.86 hours after Material supply

  • Grinding Finishing of Slide Bed

    Flatness less than 2 micron mm


We offer contract manufacturing of difficult-to-machine materials and high-accuracy parts with our excellent machining technology which supports FUJI brand products.

Internal Material Manufacturing Division

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